Measuring Guide

Before taking the measurements of your jeans, it is important to know if the jean are made from a fabric which contains stretch and if the jeans are already worn-in as this might influence the outcome of the measurements. For example, if the jeans are made from a denim which contains stretch, make sure not to stretch the fabric while taking the measurements. And, if your jeans are already worn-in, please note that they have probably stretched out due to wear and movement over time, so they are wider / bigger than when you bought them.

It is best to take the measurements of a perfectly fitting non-stretch new pair of jeans.

* For questions about the measurements, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Measure Twice and Cut Once


Take the jeans and lay them flat on the ground. Twist the waistband ⅓ of its width, so it looks similar to the photo above. Pull the denim at the waistband tight, so the front and rear of the waistband line up as close as possible (try not to stretch the fabric).

Place your tape measure at one edge of the waistband while holding the denim and tape measure tight. Measure straight across the waistband to the other side and multiply this number by 2, and this will be your waist size.


Place the end of your tape measure at the crotch seam. Hold the denim and tape measure tight and measure across the leg at a 90 degree angle. Make sure to measure the entire width, and not only from inseam to outer seam.


Place the end of your tape measure at the crotch seam. Hold the denim and tape measure tight. Measure from the crotch seam up to the top of the waistband on the front of the jean.


To find the knee measurements, there are two steps that you need to take. First, start by measuring 35cm down the inseam of the leg, beginning at the crotch seam. After measuring 35cm down the inseam, measure straight across the knee.


Measure straight across the hem (leg opening). Make sure to measure the entire width of the hem.


Pull the leg out and make sure it is laying flat. Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the jean (hem/ leg opening).

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