The REALIGN Philosophy

Realign is a denim brand, and we take great pride in making the highest quality jeans possible. In order to achieve this, we work with some of the best mills and suppliers in the Japanese denim industry. Quality means everything to us and in consultation with our partners we are always striving to develop our brand in order to ensure that we produce garments which have legacy and longevity. 

Just as important as the aesthetics and the quality of our garments is our philosophy, which is fundamental to our brand and is reflected in everything we do. Our philosophy represents what we stand for and the way in which we approach our work.

Realign is the visualization of our passion for denim and the realization of our approach to the future of jeans making.

Realign. superior denim, well-made in japan.

日本製 / Made in Japan

All of our garments carry the Japanese characters ‘日本製’, which translates to ‘Made in Japan’. Reflecting our love for slow-made products and artisanal craftsmanship, we always knew that we wanted to produce our jeans in Japan. Leaders in denim for decades, the Japanese denim industry continues to inspire us, to innovate and to set the standard for jeans production. It’s hard to argue with centuries of experience in traditional manufacturing and we feel strongly that the heart and soul of this tradition is reflected in our jeans. We couldn’t be more proud to make our products in Japan.

人 / People

REALIGN has been realized after years of carefully building a worldwide network in the denim industry. Realign is much more than just a pair of jeans, it is a reflection of the denim community and its people. After working together for many years, we visited Japan Blue / Collect Mills in Kojima in 2018. We wanted to experience this legendary mill for ourselves in order to meet the people behind the fabric and get a true sense of the organization’s identity. We also wanted to be confident in the conditions that our jeans are being made in and the way in which these craftsmen (and women) were employed. People are crucial to Realign and form the foundation for all our work.

地球 / Earth

A friend once said to us; “we only have one planet earth, and it’s beautiful” and while this may seem overly simplistic or obvious, it struck a chord with us at Realign. Much like the people we chose to work with, the environment in which we’re working is a significant consideration for everything that we do. You won’t hear us using buzz words like ‘sustainability’ to shout about our jeans, as we believe that this shouldn’t be an ‘added extra’. Honest and ethical production is integrated into the DNA of Realign and informs all our decision making. So rest assured, we’d prefer to focus on the action of sustainability rather than the words.

All of our denim fabrics are made from 100% cotton, without the use of elastane or other artificial fibres. Our jeans are made in very limited production runs, keeping waste and excess inventory to a minimum. We also offer our jeans as a raw denim, keeping additional water usage and artificial aging to an absolute minimum. We will continue to reduce our footprint wherever possible, in order to minimize our impact on the only planet earth we’ve got.

Realign, made in Japan with the utmost of care!

'Reflecting our love for slow-made products and artisanal craftsmanship, we always knew that we wanted to produce our jeans in Japan'.