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Our fabrics are woven by Collect Mills from Kojima, in Okayama prefecture in Japan. As one of Japan’s major denim mills and fabric creators, with an impeccable reputation and decades of experience, Collect Mills are responsible for a number of important developments within the industry which have played an integral role in elevating Japanese denim to new heights. With Collect Mills as our fabric supplier, it ensures that Realign has continuous access to authentic, irregular and slubby Japanese selvedge denim of the highest quality. We couldn’t be happier.

All of our fabrics are made on antique shuttle looms, operated by experienced craftsmen and women, making use of premium cotton types. All of our fabrics are made from 100% cotton and are sanforized and unwashed (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Our fabrics are made following authentic Japanese textile traditions, with a surgical attention to detail. They are made for longevity and beautiful fading over many years.

Authentic Japanese Selvedge Denim

16 oz. Structure Selvedge (001)

The name ‘Structure Selvedge’ was conceived by Collect Mills and derives from the denims irregular and ‘slubby’ texture. The fabric is woven on a vintage shuttle loom at a low tension, which results in a comfortable and durable yet breathable fabric. The Structure Selvedge fabric is woven to last, it might feel a little tough and rigid in the first few weeks of wearing, but it will soften and mould to the wearer. Over time, the 16 oz. Structure Selvedge will offer high contrast fades and very attractive overall wear with deep indigo hues.

14 oz. Double Indigo (002)

The 14 oz. ‘Indigo x Indigo’ selvedge denim fabric consists of indigo warp yarns and indigo weft yarns. This is a contrast to a more traditional denim fabrics which utilize indigo warp yarns and white weft yarns. The unique ‘double indigo’ fabric differs from the norm and gives an extraordinarily intense deep blue shade. Weighing in at 14 oz. the fabric is suitable  for year-round wear and is comfortable yet sturdy. A truly beautiful and unique Japanese denim fabric.

Realign - Front

14 oz. Deadstock Blue (003)

The 14 oz. Deadstock Blue is one of the latest masterpieces from the shelves of Collect Mills in Kojima, Japan. The textured fabric features unique character and Made-in-Japan authenticity. When new, it has a crisp and rigid touch, but it quickly begins to soften. The beautiful denim breaks in quickly and easily, and it fades beautifully, with some of the most vibrant indigo tones we’ve ever seen. The denim is a reproduction of a neglected roll of deadstock selvedge that Collect Mills found in an old warehouse. The roll was a relic the earliest days of Japanese denim—a true-blue Japanese treasure!

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