New Fit: The Slim Sakura

Apr 01, 2023

New Fit: The Slim Sakura

We all know the importance of a great-fitting jean. In fact, we believe that the silhouette should be the decisive factor when purchasing a new pair. That’s why we are taking our time to develop new silhouettes in close collaboration with a team of seasoned pattern makers in Japan.

We want all of our customers to find their perfect fit in a pair of Realigns. We haven’t rushed anything, though. We have taken our time, going back to the drawing board as many times as necessary to produce not just something new but also something timeless.

To make sure that what we design on paper translates into the real world, we have put each new iteration through multiple fitting sessions, seeing how it looks on different body shapes. We then conducted comprehensive field tests to find out how the new fit performed under pressure.

We’ve now come to the end of this painstaking process, and we have a new silhouette that works and a fit that we feel will be a welcome addition to our core lineup.

We started this process with the goal of creating a new kind of slim fit, and we are confident that this new fit will be a welcome addition, not just to our lineup, but also to your collection. We have been laser-focused on comfort, wearability and versatility, and this has helped us create this entirely new silhouette. We call it the Slim Sakura.

Read along to find out what makes our new Slim Sakura silhouette so special, or, if you’re already convinced, you can go straight to our webstore!

Slim Sakura

Slim Sakura is our third silhouette. It fits slim from the hip all the way down to the ankle. It features a rise that falls somewhere between conventional medium and low rise pairs. The thighs are slim, and there is a strong taper throughout that traces the contour of the leg resulting in a tight leg opening. It is slim, versatile, and modern, but definitely not a leg-hugging skinny jean. Slim Sakura is developed for those who are after a modern contemporary look and will work well on all ages and most body types.

Starting on Saturday, April 1st, the Slim Sakura will be available through the Realign webstore. The first pair will utilize the beautiful 14 oz. Deadstock Blue, a comfortable and breathable fabric that produces stunning fades with vibrant indigo tones. All of our signature details, including our elegant arcuates and flat-felled inseams, will be there. The pairs will retail for €330.

Photo courtesy of Hans Jellema.

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