Realign Denim Introduces their New Regular Silhouette

Dec 19, 2022

Realign Denim Introduces their New Regular Silhouette

Born from a deep love for denim and shaped by passionate craftsmen, we made our debut in August of last year. Drawing inspiration from the storied history of Japanese denim and the legends of American workwear, we try to demonstrate a keen eye for contemporary style. Our first release was limited to just hundred pairs that showcased our unique details, high-quality craftsmanship, and impeccable finishing. The first batch, which is now all but entirely sold out set high expectations. If you’re a fan of classic cuts, the best of Realign is yet to come.

After a successful launch, we dropped a second Made-in-Japan pair earlier this year. The second release, featuring a 14 oz. double indigo denim, has already proved its worth. With wear, the pair fades unlike anything else. Our double indigo pair is still available in the original tapered silhouette and shares the same details and quality finishing with our first release.

With a growing denim selection, the our next step will be to offer a wider range of fits. We have some other news to share first, but below that, we will introduce you to the new fit: the Regular Kenji.

The RLGN-R becomes the Tapered Yoshi

Our first silhouette was designed and developed in both Amsterdam and Kojima. Balancing European and Japanese styling, it is one of the industry’s best-balanced fits, providing comfort and a contemporary shape. Sticking with convention, we gave our first pair a code name, the RLGN-R. As much as we like this simple name, it isn’t exactly descriptive. We want the names of our products to speak more clearly about what they really are, so we are now breaking with convention. The RLGN-R will now be known as the Tapered Yoshi.

The name may be new, but the fit remains the same. The Tapered Yoshi features a medium rise, roomy thighs, and a gradual taper from the knee to the cuff. It is roomy through the top block (comfortable, but not loose), and the taper gives the pair a clean, contemporary shape. Ideal for those with muscular thighs or those who want a little more room up top, the Tapered Yoshi will help you maintain that sleek and modern look without sacrificing comfort.

The Tapered Yoshi is currently available in two incredible selvedge denim fabrics: the 16 oz. Structure Selvedge and the 14 oz. Double Indigo.

The Regular Kenji

Beautiful denims can only take a brand so far. The silhouette makes or breaks the pair, determining how the pair feels, how it looks, and how it works with other items in your wardrobe. We know how important this is, and we have gone to great pains to develop our fits in collaboration with a team of seasoned Japanese pattern makers. From the start, our goal has been to offer a varied yet concise selection of silhouettes that re-design iconic fits from the rich heritage of denim, giving them a contemporary twist without drifting too far from their recognizable touch points. With the introduction of the Regular Kenji, we are broadening our offering and working towards our goal of providing a perfect fit for every body type.

The Regular Kenji features a medium rise that sits comfortably on the waist. It has plenty of room in the thighs and a more subtle taper than the Tapered Yoshi. It provides room throughout the leg, which allows more freedom of movement and a more relaxed fit, yet it still retains that clean shape and contemporary finish that are Realign’s hallmarks. The Regular Kenji is ideal if you are looking for a comfortable jean with a classic, heritage-driven silhouette and modern details.

Starting on Sunday, December 18th, the Regular Kenji will be available through the Realign webstore. The first pair will utilize the beautiful 16 oz. Structure Selvedge, a comfortable and breathable fabric that produces stunning contrast fades with truly breathtaking indigo tones. All of our signature details, including our elegant arcuates and flat-felled inseams, will be there. The pairs will retail for €300.

Photo courtesy of Hans Jellema.

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