Realign 信じる人のために

Aug 07, 2021

Realign 信じる人のために

We couldn’t be more proud than we are today! Seven years after our first steps in the denim industry, Realign Denim is finally live! Seven years of trial and error, unforgettable adventures, and from time to time a serious mental breakdown, but today we are super excited with the release of our first jeans! 

Realign became so much more than just another denim brand, it became a reflection of the denim community and its people – an interdisciplinary team effort. Established on decades of experience in the industry, we built the brand on the solid Japanese denim heritage in consultation with our dedicated Japanese partners. We followed traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques, using vintage machinery, and we shaped our brand according to our contemporary European vision on design, construction and trends.

Realign became the visualization of our passion for denim and the realization of our approach to the future of jeans making. With the first limited release ‘信じる人のために’ which translate to ‘For Those Who Believe’, Realign was brought to life to propagate the greatness of Japanese denim!

信じる人のために – For Those Who Believe

We named our first release ‘信じる人のために’ as a tribute to all the people who are involved in Realign and those who are joining us along the way. We wouldn’t be able to establish Realign as it is right now without the help of some giants in the industry, and we are forever grateful for this! 

The first release consists of a limited batch of just 100 pairs of jeans, which have been carefully made by the hands of seasoned craftsmen from Japan Blue Company in ‘denim city’ Kojima, in the Okayama prefecture in Japan. After visiting the facilities of Japan Blue Company in 2018, we have become convinced of the fact that the denim powerhouse was the ultimate partner we were looking for. With a factory right in the heart of denim city Kojima, Japan Blue Company is giving our jeans a heart and a soul! 

All 100 jeans of the ‘信じる人のために’ collection, are provided with a unique and limited indigo dyed deerskin leather patch to celebrate the establishment of the brand, and to give something truly special and limited to the early adapters. 

The 16 oz. Realign RLGN-R structure selvedge denim

For 信じる人のために we developed the Realign RLGN-R fit, which is a regular fit with tapered legs. It provides sufficient room in the top block – making it fit comfortably without being loose – and the taper gives a clean, contemporary silhouette. Our first and original Realign silhouette is designed to serve a wide range of people and for everyday use.

The Realign RLGN-R is made of a 16 oz. denim fabric from Collect Mills, which is called the ‘Structure Selvedge’. The name ‘Structure Selvedge’ was conceived by Collect Mills and derives from its irregular and ‘slubby’ texture. The fabric is woven on a vintage shuttle loom at a low tension, resulting in a characterful and breathable fabric. Though the fabric might feel rigid and stiff in the first weeks, it will soften over time molding perfectly around the legs. The Structure Selvedge might need some break-in time, but it will offer high contrast fades and attractive overall wear.

The 100 jeans from the  ‘信じる人のために’ series will include all signature details like branded buttons and labels, and a tonal stitched arcuate on the back pockets, setting the tone for later releases. Realign 信じる人のために will be released on 8-8-2021 and will be available for as long as stock lasts. Head over to our web store for more info or to get yourself a new pair of limited jeans!

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